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Shades of Spring Vol. 5 – Poppy Red


Shades of Spring Vol. 5 - Poppy Red

“When in doubt, wear RED.”

The color red is associated with energy, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love.

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Shades of Spring Vol. 4 – Emerald


Shades of Spring Vol. 4 – Emerald

Emerald” is named by Pantone the color of the year for 2013. The most abundant hue as an “energetic, bright, blossoming green” that can offer luxury and sophistication. It also brings a sense of renewal, hope, and clarity.

Spring is the best time to wear the emerald jewelry. And of course, it’s always fun to be more glamorous on St. Patrick’s Day! ♥

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Shades of Spring Vol. 3 – Monaco Blue –

Monaco Blue

Shades of Spring Vol. 3 – Monaco Blue -

Who doesn’t love color blue? It’s the color of sky, the color of the ocean, the color of the earth… A pure blue is the color of sincerity, inspiration, and spirituality. It is very soothing to wear the color blue. Wear some blue gemstones, such as blue sapphire and blue topaz can make you feel calm and peaceful. It’s not just a color in trend to wear this spring, but also a color to wear for many practical reasons! ♥


Shades of Spring Vol. 2 – African Violet Jewelry –


Shades of Spring Vol. 2 – African Violet -

The color violet is associated with royalty and the nobility, creating an impression of luxury, wealth and extravagance.

Wearing violet jewelry and accessories this spring makes you stand out from the crowd!


Shades of Spring Vol. 1 – Lemon Zest Jewelry –

Spring Color Lemon Zest

Shades of Spring Vol. 1 Lemon Zest Jewelry

Yes, some of us may still bundle up to cope with the cold. However, spring is already calling…

Take a look at the colors of spring 2013. Don’t be shy. Make a statement. It’s bold but sweet. It’s loud but amusing. Play with it and have FUN!


Get Ready For Spring: 2013 Jewelry Shades

The beautiful palette of colors for spring have been released, and while running out and spending a ton of cash on a whole new wardrobe isn’t an option for most, by adding jewelry in the season’s hottest hues you can instantly transform an old outfit into something that’s new and fashionable.

This spring’s brilliant colors include:

Which jewels take advantage of these shades that remind us of joy, lightheartedness and starting anew?

 Emerald is not just the color for spring – it’s the color of the year in 2013. ThisKendra Scott Skylar Drop Earrings Green Onyx lively, radiant lush green brings out the best in most everyone, and with jewelry this year even bolder and bigger than last, the amazing Kendra Scott Skylar Drop Earrings Green Onyx makes a fashion statement while adding a perfect touch of shine to any outfit.

To add a touch of zest, Betty Carre’ Created Oval LemonBetty Carre' Created Oval Lemon Quartz Ring Quartz Ring is a truly gorgeous way to celebrate the spring. What’s better than the warmth of sunshine finally breaking through all of that grey, and this beautiful lemony shade has already been one of the most popular colors in Hollywood – officially brightening any scene.

The SusanB. Genuine Lapis and Crystal Pave’ Shamballa Inspired Bracelet SusanB. Genuine Lapis and Crystal Pave' Shamballa Inspired Bracelet exudes spring with a reminder of bright blue skies and better days ahead; a perfect fashion statement and an affordable way to dress up any outfit with the joy of the season.

No matter which colors you’re looking for, SusanB. is sure to have the jewel that will light up your wardrobe without making a big dent in your wallet.

January Jewelry Must-Haves

A New Year means new styles, and with the calendar flipped over to 2013, the Color of the Year is now emerald, while we have also entered the Year of the Snake. Emerald equals lush radiance. It’s the color of elegance and beauty while also enhancing our sense of well-being.

Balance and harmony are essential to happiness and emerald is the color to wear to bring it into your life. The emerald is a true gem that is also associated with healing and unity while looking amazing on most everyone. Embrace this wonderful color by wearing it on your finger, as the Betty Carre’ Created 6 Carat Emerald Ring in 18K Gold Clad as a reminder of keeping balance in your life. Crystal Snake Cuff Bracelet

The Year of the Snake is also a positive one, representing our refusal to face mediocrity as well as bringing energy that allows us to face our challenges and come out ahead. The stunning Kenneth Jay Lane Jeweled Crystal Snake Cuff Bracelet is great way to exemplify your strength and resilience while making the ultimate fashion statement.

The cooler seasSapphire Cubic Zirconia Earringson is perfect for dark, rich colors and smaller pieces like the Genuine Sapphire & Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Earrings are another outstanding choice for winter offering understated yet dazzling elegance that can be worn almost everywhere from the office to a formal evening out.