The Vintage Look

In an era when newer is often seen as better in most industries, many people are choosing to wear apparel and accessories to create a vintage look. Older styles have been making huge comebacks in recent years, and that includes jewelry. It’s truly a living form of art that calls to mind another time, perhaps romanticized by the passing of the decades.

The term vintage typically applies to something inspired by the 1920s; however, it can describe SusanB. Zirconia Estate Cuff Braceletanything older up through the 1980s. Estate jewelry in particular refers to previously owned jewelry or jewelry that was created to achieve a retro look from time periods such as Late Victorian, Art Nouveau or Edwardian.

The SusanB. Zirconia Estate Cuff Bracelet fits this description perfectly, exemplifying the elegance of a priceless heirloom without the lofty price tag. It truly sparkles; adding glamour and sophistication to dress up most any outfit.

Many pieces like these are timeless and can be worn for years regardless of trends. Try mixing a vintage or vintage-inspired piece with more current apparel for a modern yet classic look. 

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